Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jebathotta Jeya Geethangal -20

Jebathotta Jeya Geethangal volume 20 for you. Please click the link and download the songs easily.  You can play these files using real player.

Jebathotta Jeya Geethangal volume 20

All Songs Real Player Media Player
Koodumae RP MP
Sthothira pali RP MP
Athikaalai RP MP
Nirappunkappa RP MP
Etthanai RP MP
Berachahvil RP MP
Appa RP MP
Aarokkiyam RP MP
Thunbamaa RP MP
Maaranaathaa RP MP
Unnai RP MP


  1. Jerald,
    Praise the Lord. I really appreciated your service in online.
    I have been searching for all the Vol's of JJK songs. I have downloaded Vol 10 - 17 from your link. But From Vol 18 onwards i unable to play or download the songs from your link which has RP and MP but there is no valid file.
    It could a pleasant service if you share the valid link.
    With Prayers,
    Martin S

  2. Dear friend in Christ,

    Thanks for the comment, i will update the valid links in this weekend and will let you know once.

    Thanks and Kind Regards

  3. hi jerald,
    i want the bgm of JJK vol 20, which i have seen in the ark tv which is very pleasant music if you got this please share it with me. and also if you know the music director name of vol 20 pleas tel me.
    Philip R

  4. Hi Philip,

    Just googled and found that father berchmans itself done the music. And i dont know about the background music for this volume.

  5. Hi jerald can you please get me the bgm of unnai kangirar song of father berchmans. It is in one of his vcd. It will come at the last when his shooting clippings played. I don't know which vcd. Kindly help me to get this.